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Dispose of e-waste and broken electronics responsibly

Got broken electronics and don't want to dump them? Sustainability Trust works with trusted partners to help you dispose of electronic waste more responsibly. 

Electronics, such as TVs, mobile phones and computers, are made of materials that can harm people and the environment if not disposed of properly. Those same materials are in short supply in some parts of the world, so it makes sense to recover and reuse the materials rather than mine for more virgin materials. 

Want to drop off e-waste? We're in Forresters Lane (off Tory St), Wellington. Our EcoCentre is open Monday to Saturday, 9am to 4.30pm. 

Each year Sustainability Trust diverts about 10 tonnes of e-waste from landfill by offering a central city drop-off point for everything from electric toothbrushes to laptops to vacuum cleaners at the end of their life. 

We charge a small fee for disposal to cover costs, see below for a table of charges and read see below for more details about what happens to your e-waste once it's dropped to us.

We can't take large appliances like washing machines or heat pumps.

If your e-waste is not listed below, please email Vishal to ask if we take it or not. 

 TVs and computer monitors
 TVs - CRTs, CRT Macs, 40inch+ Flat-screen  $40 per screen 

 TVs - 0-40 inch flat-screen, Apple LCDs

$25 per screen 
 Computer monitor - CRTs $25 per screen 
 Computer monitor - LCDs $15 per screen 
 Laptops, PCs (not including screens) $10 per item
 Servers, patch panels and switches  $20 per item 
 UPSs $20 per item 
Hubs, routers, modems  $3 per kg
Cables, memory boards, keyboards, mouses $3 per kg 
Tablets   $5 per item 
Data destruction or degaussing  $15 per hard drive
Printers and other office equipment 
Domestic-sized printers, scanners and faxes $10 per item 
Small to medium office photocopiers  $40 per item 
Large office photocopiers $70 per item 
Copier toner $4 per kg 
Household appliances 
Small appliances, such as power tools and alarm clocks $5 per item 
Domestic Coffee machines  $10 per item
Cameras, video cameras, landline phones, GPS units $5 per item 
Domestic heaters, including oil columns, electric and fan heaters $10 per item 
Vacuum cleaners  $20 per item 
Microwaves  $20 per item
Other electronics 
DVD players, VCRs, gaming consoles  $10 per item 
CD players, stereo systems (including speakers), amps, record players  $10 per item 
Mobile phones  Free 
Batteries, including laptop batteries  $5 per kg 
Miscellaneous electronics  $3 per kg
CFL ecobulbs $2 each 
Fluorescent tubes  $3 each 


What happens to your e-waste?

At Sustainability Trust we work with trusted partners to dispose of the e-waste that our customers drop off. Sometimes the processes change, but we make every effort to stay up-to-date and make sure it never goes to landfill. If you have any further questions about the recycling processes used by our partners, please contact Vishal Gurudutt on 04 385 0500 x 720.


Batteries are sent to our partner, IT Recycla, who is currently stockpiling the batteries while researching a commercially viable solution for the reuse or recycling of both lithium and alkaline batteries. They are never sent to the landfill.

Mobile phones

Our mobile phones go to SwapKit, who sort phones into those that can be reused and those that which are end of life. The majority can be reused and are bought by overseas bidders. The rest are sent to Zero Waste NZ who ship them to Japan for material recovery. Batteries, chargers and accessories are sent to Sims Recycling Solutions and Zero Waste for breakdown and recovery.

CFL ecobulbs and flurotubes

These are sent to Interwaste, who separate the materials for recycling and remove the mercury for safe disposal. Read more about the process here.

Other e-waste

Most of our other e-waste is sent to IT Recycla, please see their website for more information.

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