Sustainable Heating Solutions for Your Home

Sustainability Trust can help you make sure your home is warm, dry and more energy efficient with the right heating.

Choosing the right type of heating for your home is vital to create a healthy, comfortable environment.

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Why does heating matter?

To prevent illness and create a comfortable, healthy environment, the World Health Organisation recommends homes are at least 18C, or higher for more vulnerable groups like children, the elderly and people who are unwell. 

Heat is also needed to make and keep homes dry. When a home is heated properly and regularly, moisture and related issues such as mould can often be prevented. 

Why does it need to be checked?

The right heating for a home depends on how the home and each room is used, as well as room sizes, insulation, the building construction, region, and available energy sources.

There are many different heating options, features and benefits on the market. Heating can be expensive so it's important to choose the most energy efficient option for your home and budget. Old products such as oil column heaters, unflued gas heaters and some heat pumps can be inefficient, expensive and even dangerous. 

What’s recommended?

To maintain temperatures of 18C or more, most homes need fixed and appropriately-sized heating for living areas and radiant heaters for bedrooms. Full home solutions such as central heating and ducted heat pumps are increasingly popular. 

Good insulation makes homes easier and cheaper to heat, as it keeps heat inside where it's needed. Best practice is to insulate before you heat.

Visit the Energywise website for information on the types of heaters, sizing, running costs and environmental impacts. Visit the EcoShop for heating from Sustainability Trust

Book your assessment today - call 0508 78 78 24, option 1, email us, or fill out this contact form.  

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