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Got a Community Services Card?

Benefits of a Community Services CardHave you got a Community Services Card? We can help with subsidies, free curtains and advocacy and support. 

We know living in a sustainable and healthy way can sometimes be expensive. If you're on a low income we can provide some extra help. 


If own your home, and have a Community Services Card, you could be eligible for up to 96% off the cost of installing insulation in the house. 

To find out more about who can get it and how, go to our Subsidies page

If you are on a low income, but not quite low enough for a Community Services Card, read more on the Subsidies page - you may still be eligible for the deal. 


If you have a Community Services Card or SuperGold card you can get free, lined curtains from Wellington Curtain Bank. Go to Free curtains to find out more. 

Support and advice

If you have health issues related to a cold, damp home, you might be eligible for support through our Well Homes or Warm Fuzzies programmes. If you are, we can provide advice, advocate with your landlord for better heating and insulation and give you free heaters, curtains, beds and more. Go to our Support and advocacy page for more. 

Free home energy assessments

If you own your home, and live in Wellington or Upper Hutt, you can get a free home energy assessment. We'll work with you to create an action plan which will help you create a warmer and more energy efficient home. More here. 

You can find out more about the Community Services Card and who is eligible on the Work and Income website. 

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