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Warm, dry homes

November 06, 2017

Warm, dry homes

We want you to live in a warm, dry home! Check out these free resources - for renters, homeowners and landlords.



  • Consumer NZ's Winter and Heating Guide is excellent. It covers all the key ingredients for a healthy home, plus features and benefits of popular products. Download the desktop or mobile version. 
  • Eco Design Advisor's Windows and Curtains covers window heat loss and solutions, including window insulation kits and best curtain design
  • Eco Design Advisor's Moisture and Condensation covers why and how to get rid of moisture and related problems
  • Eco Design Advisor's Ground Vapour Barrier Install Guide 

Guide: How to get cheap home insulation - government funding, council rates loans and repayment plans 

Paperwork:  Template letters and application forms to apply for insulation subsidies and repayment plans.

Checklist and scorecard: How to spot a cold, damp home.

Video: Jonny on Campbell Live with tips on healthy homes

Ask an expert:

More from our experts in the Ask an Expert blog!

Look at the For Homes page to see what services we can offer that help you create a warm, dry home. 

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