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Sustainability Trust can help make sure your home is warm, dry and energy efficient with natural or automatic ventilation. 

Daily ventilation is essential to replace damp, stale air with fresh, dry air. A ventilated home is healthier and easier to heat. 

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Why does ventilation matter?
A home has to be dry to be healthy and easy to heat. It's very important to minimise and remove common causes of moisture, as cold, damp houses can cause health issues and damage houses.

Daily ventilation is needed to stop moisture building up in the house. Moisture is created in a number of ways - everything from breathing to cooking. Opening windows or doors for just 15 minutes, twice a day, is enough to create air flow that will dry out and refresh the air inside your home. 

Why does it need to be checked?
Moisture in the home comes from a wide range of external and internal sources, across both the building and the way we live too. Checking moisture sources will identify where changes can be made, from products through to daily activities.

What’s recommended?
To create a dry environment, most homes need bathroom and kitchen extractor fans and an externally-vented dryer. They may also need a ground vapour barrier and a shower dome. 

Home ventilation for 15 minutes, twice a day, can be achieved naturally by opening windows and doors, or automatically with a mechanical ventilation system. Automatic systems are very popular for rental properties and during colder months. 

Visit the Energywise website for information on ventilation and moisture management. Visit the EcoShop for ventilation and moisture management products from Sustainability Trust.

Book your assessment today - call 0508 78 78 24, option 1, email us, or fill out this contact form.  

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