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Our people

People are at the heart of what we do – they’re the why and the how. If you’re interested in volunteering check this page, or you're looking for a new day job, please check this page. Read on for a bit more about our current team.

Leadership team 


Philip Squire | Chief Executive | Ext 713 

Philip SquirePhil came to the Trust in 2004 from a varied work background. He trained as an engineer, worked in waste treatment and spent ten years as a Zen Buddhist monk in California. He’s very proud that we’ve managed to create a sustainable, exciting organisation that makes a real difference to people’s lives. He feels really lucky to work with people who have the courage and skills to think broadly and turn some of the wilder ideas into successful environmental and social projects. Phil recently spent 6 months in Germany on sabbatical with support from the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and is excited to encourage European values of high quality housing into our thinking and practice.


Linda Downes | Smart Homes Manager | Ext 710

Linda DownesLinda does whatever it takes to keep staff busy, customers satisfied and funders impressed. Her work journey has been in education, social services and not for profit agencies along with running a business with her husband. She was motivated to apply for a job at the Trust in 2008 because it was a not for profit organisation that cared about people and their community. Linda loves that the Trust can make a difference in people’s lives, improve their homes, health and make homes much smarter (spend a little now and save a lot later).

Miranda Struthers | Healthy Homes Manager | Ext 711

Miranda StruthersIn a previous life Miranda was a town planner in the UK, interested in geography and how places affect people. Years go by and now, as a mum, she’s also motivated by how people affect places and our impact on the planet. We’ll be accountable to the next generation; for Miranda it’s important to invest time and energy in helping communities become more equitable and environmentally conscious. Miranda manages our Curtain Bank and coordination of our Healthy Homes/Warm Fuzzies/Regional Healthy Housing programmes.

Susie Robertson | Communities Manager | Ext 704

Susie RobertsonSusie joins the Trust with a background in the charity and Government health sector. Prior to the Trust, she worked for CanTeen as a regional manager. Susie has a passion for empowering young people and for all things green. She oversees the Trust’s education programmes in schools, workplaces and the community; the Trust's EcoCentre and the marketing and communications team.

Education team 


Caroline Arrowsmith | Educator | Ext 714

Vishal Gurudutt Caroline joined the Trust to help run urban agriculture initiatives, sustainability workshops, and Wilderkids School Holiday programme. She has a passion for permaculture, small scale food production and education. When not pottering around with her many plants, she can usually be found tramping or crafting.

 Kim Tabrum | Educator | Ext 715

Kim TabrumKim chose her path at a young age by declaring she wanted to be a street cleaner. Instead she became an environmental educator and has worked in this field for almost a decade. For Kim, sharing her passion for sustainable living and facilitating community care and connection with the environment is number one.

Polly Griffiths | Business Sustainability Manager| Ext 722

PollyPolly joins the Trust to support businesses in Wellington to become more sustainable and brings experience in waste management, circular economy, resource efficiency and sustainability. She has spent the last 16 years living in Scotland delivering projects and programmes to support waste minimisation and sustainable development. Polly is motivated by her passion for sustainable development and wellbeing.

Rob McGhee | Sustainability Consultant | Ext 722

Rob McGheeRob joined the Trust in 2017 to lead Your Sustainable Workplace, a change programme for businesses. He started his career in sales and real estate, then made a conscious move into jobs focussed on home energy efficiency and community regeneration. He then went back to university to do an MSc in Environmental Conservation and Management. Outside of work he is happiest with his feet in the sand throwing a stick for his dog. He also enjoys yoga, meditation and plotting with his partner about building an off-grid house. 






Front of house team 



Isabelle Leduc | Front of House Manager | Ext 720

Vishal Gurudutt Isabelle, originally from France, and her partner moved to England in 1988 and then to New Zealand in 2002 with their two teenage daughters. Her background is in teaching languages and her passions range from sailing to cooking to carving and the piano. Isabelle has joined the Sustainability Trust in April 2019 as the manager of the EcoShop and the EcoCentre. She endeavours to make sustainability a fun and accessible everyday new habit for people of all ages…a bit like learning a new language

  Vishal Gurudutt | Front of House (e-waste, volunteers & venue) | Ext 720 

Vishal GuruduttVishal’s Mum was born in Nairobi, his Dad was born in Burma, he was born in the UK his first child was born here in New Zealand… the wonders of immigration! He’s the meeter and greeter at the front desk of the Trust and the contact for any of your e-waste and volunteering queries. 

Marion Leinert | Librarian 

Marion LeinertMarion has been volunteering for the Trust since 2011 and the free sustainability library is her focus and passion. She has many years experience as a librarian, going from Wellington City Libraries, to Statistics NZ, to Global Focus Aotearoa, and now for us! She is also a qualified yoga teacher and teaches guitar to children.


Healthy homes team 

David Pierce | Healthy Homes Assessor | Ext 716

David PierceDavid works with families to achieve warm, dry, safe homes which reduce sick days and costly medical visits. He’s always been fascinated by sustainable living and is especially interested in the social and financial impact of healthy housing.  He envisages a sustainable outcome where families can afford to warm their homes efficiently to prevent illnesses and costly hospital visits. He really likes working like-minded people and meeting a wide range of welcoming families.

Juliet Daneil | Curtain Bank machinist 

JulietJuliet has been working since 2012 as the main Curtain Bank machinist. She is a qualified and experienced sewer and works very hard to make lovely, lined, attractive curtains for people’s homes. She is inspired to help people keep their homes warm in winter, loves fabric and sewing and is very good at lining, mending and creating new curtains. She not only sews for curtain bank orders, she also does sewing alternations for any garments, makes linings and curtains to measure and creates new garments.

Lynley Wilson | Curtain Bank Coordinator | Ext 705

Lynley WilsonLynley manages the Curtain Bank, working with a marvellous team of volunteers. She came to the Trust in June 2016, after 22 years with St Ninian’s Uniting Church where she worked with volunteers and others in the community to do fundraising, education and community events.

Marketing and communications team 


Di Macdonald | Marketing and Communications I Ext 708

Di joined the team in October 2018, ready to lead marketing and communications for Sustainability Trust's community programmes. Di's background experience includes public sector policy, strategy and governance and event marketing and communication. She’s excited to join a team of like-minded people and to spread the word about Sustainability Trust's cool as programmes. 

James Bryant | Sales and Marketing | Ext 703

James joined the team in May 2018, ready to make Wellington his home after coming from the UK. Before arriving in NZ, he co-created an online marketplace for social enterprises, helping connect people with businesses that shared their values. His background is in business development for tech start-ups, so he’s a perfect fit for Wellington’s fastest growing part-business part-charity. He’s excited to help our community to live more sustainably.



Smart Homes and Customer Service team 


Anthony Taylor-Edwards | Technical Manager | Ext 709

Anthony Taylor-EdwardsAnthony manages the insulation installers, Smart Homes contractors and stock, and the vehicles and health and safety for the Trust. He started as an insulation installer many years ago, progressed to assessor and moved on from there. He loves working at the Trust for its great social environment.

 Chris Mischeski | Sales Manager and Home Performance Advisor

Chris MischeskiChris assesses homes and rentals for energy efficiency and recommends changes people can make to their heating, insulation, ventilation and lighting. Once upon a time he was an insulation installer and moving into this role felt like a natural progression. He loves the people at the Trust, and engaging with clients in the field, knowing the Trust’s solutions will have a positive and lasting effect.

Colin McCall | Installer 

Colin McCallColin started with Sustainability Trust in mid-2017 after three years as a full-time parent to his four kids. He likes the environment and the people at Sustainability Trust. The installers are a very hard-working and efficient team, installing an average of more than 3000sqm of insulation a week!

Craig Auty | Home Performance Advisor 

Craig Auty Craig started with the Trust as an insulation installer, warming up people’s homes for five years before becoming a Home Performance Advisor. He visits people’s homes and helps them to create an action plan for a warmer, drier home and enjoys helping people make a positive change in their lives.

Derek Adaway | Home Energy Assessor 

Derek AdawayDerek is an insulation assessor, auditor and jack of all trades. He started out in engineering and has been with the Trust for many years. He sticks with us because he reckons we’re nice people to work for.

Alistair van Hattum | Home Energy Assessor 

Alistar van Hattum Alistair joined the Sustainability Trust in April 2019. He has a passion for sustainability and efficiency and wanted to do more rewarding work in these areas. His background is in the arts, food rescue and logistics. He likes being involved in community based DIY projects that focus on reuse and making “do” with what’s already available. He enjoys being out in nature, people watching and being immersed in stories.

 James Higgins | Electrician

James Higgins ElectricianJames is an electrician with over 16 years experience from the UK, Australia, Germany, Asia and New Zealand. Originally from Yorkshire, he joined Sustainability Trust because he believes energy efficiency is key to living sustainably. He helps people and businesses achieve this with assessments and installs of heat pumps, LED downlights and ventilation systems.

 Jo Bulmer | Administrator & Heating Manager | Ext 706

Jo BulmerJo makes sure there are enough heaters for everyone and that they get into people’s homes, and supports with admin and finance tasks. She loves the people at the Trust the most.

Marty Mullin | Installer 

Marty MullinMarty has been with the Trust since March 2017, coming to us from another company that installed insulation. The job is closer to home so he gets to see more of his partner and son. Marty says he likes working for a company that’s trying to make a difference and where the people are really cool. The installers are a very hard-working and efficient team, installing an average of more than 3000sqm of insulation a week!

Megan Ramji | Accounts Administrator | Ext 723

Megan RamjiMegan is the very important person who makes sure we all get paid and that no paperwork is ever left behind, and also supports customer service. She enjoys working with the team at the Trust and helping people get their homes insulated.

Paul Ripley | Customer Service | Ext 700

Paul Ripley Paul is the voice at the end of the phone – booking jobs and liaising with customers. He’s the Trust quiz master, password keeper, and often the guy sorting stuff out when no-one else is around. He likes the people and the work at the Trust.

Rob Claridge | Home Energy Assessor 

Rob ClaridgeRob joined the Trust in September 2017 after a couple of years managing a mag and tyre shop. He was looking for a more fulfilling job and thought what Sustainability Trust did was pretty amazing! He ran an insulation franchise from 2010 to 2014, so knows a thing or two about insulation and energy efficiency. When he’s not at work he’s with his children, grandchildren and dogs and when Wellington weather allows he jumps on his mountain bike.



Karl Wheddon | Home Energy Assessor 

Karl WheddonKarl is a well-traveled Brit who's settled here in New Zealand. Since he has been here, he has held a variety of roles, from high-street retail management at Whitcoulls to being a film extra in The Hobbit movies. But his real passion is helping people and making sure things are done right. He also likes being warm! Joining Sustainability Trust means he can make a difference to Wellington people, by recommending the best options to create warm, dry, healthy Hobbit holes for all! 


Sue Lemon | Office Manager | Ext 721

Sue LemonSusan joined the Trust in 2017 motivated by desire to work for an organisation with a social conscience that was assisting the more vulnerable members of our community. Her role is organise and manage the office, improving and implementing systems and procedures to make it more streamlined and effective. 




Van Dy Kim | Installer (Team Leader) 

Van Dy KimVan Dy has been working for the Trust since 2014, after moving from a building job. He’s one of the team that install and audit the install of insulation. He likes working at the Trust for its happy environment and wonderful staff.

 The installation team also includes Shane Thomas and Tom Chea.


Josie Adlam | Board Co-Chair

Josie is an experienced director and business mentor with a deep commitment to the success of businesses. She’s worked with a range of businesses from tech start-ups to established to high growth international companies. She also thinks it’s important to give back, so she dedicates time to her board work at Sustainability Trust and Tautoko Services and provides business mentoring support to Kapiti Youth Support and the Business Mentors organisation.

Amardeep Sandhu | Board Co-Chair & Treasurer

Amardeep has been with the Sustainability Trust board since 2011 and became co-chair in 2016. He is founder and director of Lemonade Labs which researches and delivers tools to deal with organisational complexity and uncertainty. He has varied experience with roles in the finance, education and start-up sector.

Sea Rotmann | Board Member

Sea Rotmann always wanted to be a marine biologist – but she grew up in a land-locked country. So she swapped Austria for Australia at 20 and became a tropical coral reef expert. But then she fell in love with New Zealand, which has a lack of coral reefs. So she became involved in sustainability –energy efficiency and behaviour change issues in particular. She runs her own business Sustainable Energy Advice (SEA).

Mat Walton | Board Member

Mat has always been interested in the way politics and policies shape our environments. He’s made a career of it – studying social policy, systems thinking and public health and working for nearly a decade in central and local government before taking on a role as senior lecturer at School of Public Health, Massey University in Wellington.

Leigh Macdonald | Board Member

Leigh has built a busy and successful career in Sales & Service and Distribution across a number of industries. He’s spent more than 15 years in frontline, strategy and leadership positions before joining Kiwibank in 2005 as General Manager of Direct Channels leading their digital, self-service and telephony channels.

Jane Hardy | Board Member