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Sustainability Trust can help you make sure your home is more energy efficient and warm, with LED downlights and top quality insulation.

LED downlights are long-lasting, cheaper to run, safe to insulate over and stylish too. 

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Why does lighting matter?

Most recessed downlights get so hot that they require gaps in the insulation around them to reduce the risk of fire - but that means heat and energy leak out. Incandescent and halogen bulbs are also inefficient and expensive to run.

The combination of patchy insulation and inefficient lights mean high energy use, high running costs, and safety risks too.

Certain LED downlights are safe to insulate over. This means your ceiling insulation can be gap-free, and do a better job.

LED downlights last for up to 25 years, and are available in a range of cutout sizes, light colours, brightnesses and beam angles. 

What do you check?

We can check both your lighting and the insulation and recommend changes that will improve energy efficiency and prevent fire safety issues. 

What will you recommend? 

Usually replacing traditional downlights with LED downlights and, if required, a ceiling insulation fix up, top up or installation. 

Good insulation makes homes more energy efficient, comfortable and healthy. It makes homes easier and cheaper to heat, and adds lasting value to properties.

Visit the Energywise website for more information on LED downlights and current building code requirements. Visit the EcoShop for LED downlights from Sustainability Trust.

Want some quick tips?

Check out the Sustainability advice page for infosheets on creating an energy efficient home, heating and more.

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