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Heat Pumps & Air Conditioning

Heat pumps

Why a heat pump?

Heat pumps are an increasingly popular solution for keeping NZ households warm and dry. As well as being the most energy efficient way of using electricity to heat your home, a heat pump has the added advantage over other heating systems that it also can keep you cool in summer.

We offer free advice and a no-obligation quote so you can be sure you are getting the best heating option for your home.

Free home assessment

Due to the wide variety of housing styles and sizes in NZ, it can be difficult to work out yourself what is the best heating solution for your home. Even once you’ve decided on a heat pump, choosing the correct size and location in your home often requires expert help.

A heat pump that is too small or in the wrong location will not be able to adequately heat/cool the property, and will likely lead to high electricity bills. We recommend booking a free home assessment so our home energy experts can ensure the install meets our high standards.

0% interest repayment plan

We know that a heat pump is a sizable investment for your home. That’s why our customers can pay for the cost of your new heat pump over 12 months with our 0% interest repayment plan. Be sure to ask for more information when you book your home assessment.

Full supply and install

Our professional and experienced install teams will ensure that the installation is completed to the highest standard. We've helped thousands of families around the Wellington region create warmer, drier homes and we take great pride in hearing feedback like that below.

"Great service! We knew a bit about energy conservation already, but Josh offered lots of useful and easy to understand explanations about how heat moves through the house and creates moisture. I'm looking forward to using my new heat pump this winter." - Catherine, Northland


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Heat pump or air conditioner? Your questions answered...

What’s the difference between a heat pump and an air conditioner?

A heat pump is an air conditioning unit that can reverse itself to generate heat, which not all air conditioners can do. In hot countries air conditioners are more popular, but the ability to both heat and cool means heat pumps are much more popular in NZ.  

What are ducted heat pumps?

A ducted heat pump is a system that uses air ducts in your roof space or underfloor to warm or cool multiple rooms at the same time. They are increasingly popular as whole home heating systems because they allow homeowners to control the heating in specific rooms, and their small vents are also a more discrete option.

What are the best heat pumps in NZ?

We supply and install heat pumps from the most respected brands in the industry, including:

Our home energy experts will advise and provide a no-obligation quote for the best solution for your home.

Still got questions? Please feel free to call us on 0508 78 78 24 or email us at customerservice@sustaintrust.org.nz

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