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Sustainability Trust offers free, impartial advice on ways to make your home warmer, healthier and more energy efficient. 

Our expert advisors come to your home to assess and advise on practical solutions to improve your home's energy performance. 

We offer two different assessments:

Warm, Dry Home Assessment
One of our experienced home energy assessors will visit you at your home to look at your insulation, heating and ventilation. This assessment is free for everyone in the Wellington region, it takes about an hour, and we'll give you a short action plan to create a warmer and more energy efficient home. More details below.

Home Energy Saver Assessment
One of our qualified Home Performance Advisors will visit your home to assess in-depth everything that affects the health and energy efficiency of your home. This includes insulation, heating, ventilation, draughts, moisture issues, energy and water use. It takes about two hours, you get a personalised and detailed action plan and subsidised water and energy saving measures on the day. Free for Wellington and Upper Hutt city ratepayers, $120 for ratepayers elsewhere. More details below. 

Please call us if you're not sure which one suits you! 

We also offer quick quotes on insulation, heating, LED downlights and ventilation products. It's important you get the right product for your home, so it's effective and energy efficient. Contact us to find out more. 

Book your assessment today - call 0508 78 78 24, option 1, email us, or fill out this contact form.  

Home Energy Saver assessments are funded by Wellington City Council and Upper Hutt City Council. The solutions are made possible by you! See How we're funded for more. 

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More on the Warm, Dry Home Assessment 

Who can get a Warm, Dry Home assessment? Anyone in the Wellington region.

What does it cost? It's free!

What do you assess? Your levels of insulation, home heating, ventilation and energy efficiency. What you've got, and what you need to create a warm, dry, healthy home.

How long does it take? About an hour.

Then what? We give you a short action plan that will help you create a more energy efficient home. We'll also give you some product recommendations and quotes - because what good is advice without solutions? We only suggest products that are right for your home, our environment, and will maximise energy efficiency.

More on the Home Energy Saver Assessment 

Who can get a Home Energy Saver Assessment? It's free for Wellington city and Upper Hutt city ratepayers. Anyone else in the region can book the assessment for a subsidised rate of $120 (RRP $350). 

What do you assess? Everything that impacts how energy efficient your home is, and what you might be able to do to make better, warmer and drier. Our qualified Home Performance Advisors look at your levels of insulation, the energy efficiency of your lighting, your ventilation, your heating sources, moisture issues, water use, energy use and draughts. It's a whole house approach based on building science and ecodesign principles. 

How long does it take? About two hours. 

Why does it take that long? It's pretty in-depth! We also give advice and tips as we go so you are able to start creating a more energy efficient home right away. 

Then what? Then we give you a personalised action plan that will help you create a more energy efficient home. It will help you to prioritise changes so you're making changes with the biggest impact first. We'll also give you some product recommendations and quotes - because what good is advice without solutions?  We only suggest products that are right for your home, our environment, and will maximise energy efficiency.

There can be a wait time of up to four weeks for a home energy saver assessment, so we recommend booking in advance.

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