Come be green and merry!

November 12, 2018

Come be green and merry!

The only thing we love more than warm, dry homes are dad jokes and Christmas dad jokes.

    What kind of motorbike does Santa drive?

     - A Holly Davidson

    What kind of cars do elves drive? 

     -  TOY-otas

    What do snowmen call their kids? 

     -  CHILL-dren.

    Ok, ok, enough of that. If you come to this year's Dreaming of a Green Christmas Market, we promise to leave the dad jokes at home.

    What you can expect from the Green Christmas Market:

    • A four-part ukelele band that is guaranteed to get you movin' and shakin'
    • Coffee from the crew at Good Fortune Coffee. Every cup is 100% fair trade and made by people on the living wage
    • Food made with love by former refugee cooks at the Pomegranate kitchen
    • Organic cotton undies by women from refugee backgrounds. Nice one Nisa
    • A standing ovulation from the crew at Wā Cup, who are freeing women and girls from period poverty one cup at a time
    • Boutique plant-based skincare from Aphelia, MARTYGIRLskinfood and the Underground Soapery.  Aphelia opts for organically certified ingredients that are packaged in recyclable, reusable and biodegradable containers, while MARTYGIRLskinfood is a bit more 'hands-on' when it comes to getting their ingredients
    “I handmake all of my products. I find botanicals on the roadside, in friends gardens and on the farm”

     - Adi, MARTYGIRLskinfood

    • Then there's the Underground Soapery. All their products are free from palm oil and plastic. Word on the street is that they even make their own paper bags using old books and pamphlets
    • If you're more interested in chocolate, then The Chocolate Bar is the stall for you. They specialise in the finest, fairly traded cacao in the business. Bean to Bar, from afar! 
    • Don't have a sweet tooth, then how about a citrus tooth? Lady Lemon has your back. World-famous in Wellington, Lady Lemon's lovely lemon curd is organic, fair trade, sustainably sourced and finger-licking good
    Looking for a gift for the un-giftable?  Well, The Paper Rain ProjectWellington Timebank, Eketahuna Handcrafts, Natty, Native Loom, Verdant Design, By Kerryn and Melissa Boardman have you covered
    • The Paper Rain Project
    • They say that diamonds are a girl's best friend. Well, we think Natty is. They make beautiful handmade Rimu jewellery and design and produce hand-printed textiles, illustrated gift cards and prints
    • Keep Calm and Carry Native Loom Bags. Native Loom is 100% committed to helping small marginal artisans and weavers achieve a fair and living wage while producing niche, sustainable handloom textiles
    • What is a time bank, you ask? A time bank is a reciprocity-based work trading system where time is the currency. Members of the Wellington Timebank have made some cute, eclectic creations just for you
    • If you love a family affair, then you'll adore Eketahuna Handcrafts. They craft all their kete, kono and flowers from Harakeke flax which is harvested the traditional way
    • And then we have Verdant Design. Verdant Design makes ecological and sustainable interiors and homewares.  The perfect present for the perfect partner. All products are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certified 
    • Calendars - one of those things you need but never really want to buy for yourself. That's where Melissa Boardman comes in. She makes eco-friendly calendars and other paper goods featuring original illustrations of native NZ birds. Her calendars are so beautiful that you could buy one for yourself and tell everyone else that it was a gift. 
    • Candles. Who doesn't enjoy a soothing scented candle? Maybe a melt? Either way, By Kerryn has a variety of hand-poured soy scented candles and melts made from sustainable and bio-degradable soy wax for you to choose from.
    Got kids? Or buying gifts for someone else's kids? Well, Gecko Press and Hoopla Kids can sort you out.
    • Gecko Press makes books designed to last - timeless and durable.. and dare we say it, sustainably sourced!
    • Maybe you have kids or know kids who like to look cute and despise polyester. Well, they might not know it yet but polyester: bad. Organic cotton: good. Cheers Hoopla Kids for keeping kids in line and dressed fine. 

    If you're reading this, you have the attention span/patience of a saint. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you at the Green Christmas Market! Sat, 1 Dec from 11-3 at 2 Forresters Lane, Wellington.

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