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How much can I save by switching to LED downlights in my home?

October 10, 2018

How much can I save by switching to LED downlights in my home?

Lighting costs the average Kiwi household $220 per year – roughly 12 percent of its electricity bill. Research also shows that the average home has 30 light fittings, but only 6 are fitted with energy efficient bulbs.

As LEDs use up to 85% less energy than standard incandescent light bulbs for the same light output, installing LED downlights can mean a significant saving for families around NZ.

Yet it’s not just their superior energy efficiency that means switching to LEDs saves households money. Most recessed downlights installed before mid-2012 allow draughts into the property, as they require gaps in the insulation around them to reduce the risk of fire.

This means heat and energy from your home leak out of the holes around the lights and out through the ceiling. As a result, your home is colder and your heating bills are higher. LED downlights however are safe to insulate over, which means your insulation can do a better job of keeping you warm.

Here are some key points to bear in mind when considering moving to LED downlights:

  1. Don’t just change the bulb, the whole fitting will need replacing - LEDs shouldn’t be used in closed fittings as they need good ventilation.
  2. Upgrade your downlights at the same time as upgrading your ceiling insulation – make sure those gaps around the downlights get covered up to improve your homes energy efficiency. Sustainability Trust provide both of these services.
  3. Leave the installation to a registered electrician – for your own safety and to ensure the ceiling insulation is left in the proper state to keep your home warm

We've also answered some common questions we get asked below:

  • How long do they last?

LED bulbs typically last more than 50,000 hours, significantly longer than the 1000 hours for standard incandescent bulbs.

  • Are all LED lights the same?

There are a wide range of LED bulbs available, which should be considered depending on the requirement for the room. For example, consider the light colour (brighter for bathrooms, warmer for living areas), whether they are dimmable, and beam angles when making your decision.

  • How can I make the switch to LEDs in my home?

At Sustainability Trust, we provide free home assessments where our home energy experts can advise as to the best solution for your home. After the quote has been accepted, we provide a full supply and installation service  from our experienced, qualified electricians.

We’ve helped thousands of homes around Wellington make their homes more energy efficient, making them warmer and dryer while often saving hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs.

As its Spring, our wait times are down for assessments and installs, so get in touch now to book an assessment. Don’t forget to ask about any discounts or financing options we have available.

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