Jonny on staying warm on a budget

April 14, 2015

Jonny on staying warm on a budget

Did you see our Home Energy Assessor, Jonny Parker, on Campbell Live? Jonny had 2 minutes to talk about some pretty important things, so here's a bit more on free and cheap things to make your home warmer and drier.


  • Insulate your windows with plastic film, or bubble wrap
  • Line your curtains, or find your local curtain bank
  • If you don't have a pelmet, use towels on top of curtain rails to stop draughts circulating behind the curtain
  • If your curtains don't touch the floor, tuck the bottoms onto the window-sill to stop draughts
Heat pumps
  • Clean the filters on your heat pump
  • Cut back greenery from around the external unit. The heatpump needs free flowing air to work well
  • Use towels or doorsnakes to stop draughts around doors
  • Dry air is easier to heat. Reduce moisture by airing your home every day
  • Create a cross draught by opening windows on opposite sides of the house
  • Use extractor fans, and put lids on pots when cooking
Insulation Other free services And a few other things...
  • Don’t use unflued gas heaters - they emit high levels of moisture, and carbon monoxide - a poison
  •  Only heat the room you’re in
  • Block an unused fireplace with scrunched-up newspapers

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