Craig on reducing energy bills

March 06, 2017

Craig on reducing energy bills

Electricity prices have increased 70% over the last 20 years and that’s  accounting for inflation. So what can you do about it? Here's some help to understand what makes up your bill, then how to reduce it. 


  • Hot Water 30% 
  • Space heating/cooling 34% 
  • Cooking 6% 
  • Lighting 8% 
  • Refrigeration 10% 
  • Other appliances 13% 

Top Tips
  • The sun is the best heat source we have, make sure no vegetation is blocking direct sunlight into the home and make sure curtains are open during the day
  • Dry air is easier to heat, look to reduce  moisture sources inside and outside the house and ventilate for 30mins daily
  • Insulate ceiling and underfloor. Note that standard downlights rapidly affect ceiling insulation's performance so look to change to insulation coverable LED Downlights
  • Check your shower flow by grabbing a standard 10L household bucket and run your shower for one minute. If you can fill the bucket in under a minute your shower flow is too high and big savings can be made by using a low flow shower head. If it fills in 30 seconds you could be saving $150 per person per year based on a five-minute shower only.
  • Reduce your hot water temperature in the warmer months. Even better, install a hot water cylinder wrap, or invest in a more efficient water heating solution such as a solar hot water heat pump.
  • Use efficient heat sources. Generally heat pumps, wood burners and flued gas heating. Electric heating can add up very quick if used for longer periods.
  • Get in contact if you would like a free 2hr Home Energy Assessment (Wellington and Upper Hutt only) or a free Smart Homes Assessment on heating, insulation, lighting, ventilation (any homeowner).

Is your service provider right for you? Visit What's my number or Power Switch to see who has the best plan for your needs. Don't stop there though - it takes hardly any time at all to change providers but you will see the difference every month, every year. Do it!

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