Sustainability Trust can help make sure your home is warm, dry and energy efficient, starting with insulation.

Ceiling and underfloor insulation are essential to create a thermal envelope that will keep heat and energy inside where it belongs.

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Why does insulation matter?

Heat and energy will escape through the roof and walls of any building, and out of any gaps, tears or areas missing insulation. Heat and energy loss increases dramatically when the temperature outside is lower than inside, as heat is drawn to cold areas. An uninsulated home is usually cold, damp, expensive to heat and can cause serious health issues.

Why does it need to be checked?

Insulation can be complicated. There are many different materials, features and benefits on the market, and no one-size-fits-all.

Insulation degrades and is easily damaged over time, especially insulation that is more than ten years old. Old insulation usually needs a fix-up, top-up or full replacement to perform properly.

Many homes in New Zealand are not insulated or not insulated properly, for reasons ranging from pre-insulation building construction, low building code standards, poor quality materials or misunderstandings of building science.

What’s recommended?

Ceiling and underfloor insulation installed professionally and thoroughly, in all accessible areas. Insulation keeps heat and energy inside, where it's needed. Good insulation makes homes more energy efficient, comfortable and healthy. It makes homes easier and cheaper to heat, and adds lasting value to properties.

Want some quick tips?

Check out the Sustainability advice page for infosheets on home insulation, rental insulation, creating an energy efficient home, heating and more.

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