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Wheat bags



It's made of the good stuff, for your good stuff.

Wā Wheaties help ease period cramps and are great for any body part in need of a little warmth. 

Your purchase supports our purpose of ending period poverty, period waste and the period taboo, period.

 We've stuck local. Joyce grew your organic wheat, Jenny grew your organic lavender, 
Jess designed and printed your fabric 
and Kimaren sewed it all up with aroha. Nice. 

Fluctuating hormone levels can result in increased stress and anxiety at certain points in your cycle. Giving this herb a whiff can help relax the mind, easing PMS and help you get a better nights sleep.  

Certified Bio-Grow organic wheat from the farm round the corner from our founder's house in Mid-Canterbury.  Nice.

Limited edition hand printed organic cotton on the up. 
Luxuriously soft organic bamboo on the reverse.
We've chosen organic so it's less chemicals on your skin, less stress on your bod and our land.