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Wā Collective Menstrual Cups


Wā Collective reusable menstrual cups are comfortable, easy to use and environmentally friendly. 

Menstrual cups have the power to save us literally thousands of dollars and stop the 357 million tampons and pads from ending up in our NZ landfills each year. 

3 sizes available -

Mini - pre-30/petite physique
1 - pre-30 years old/pre-baby
2 - post 30 years old/post-baby

When looked after well a menstrual cup can last up to 10 years.

Wā Collective is a local Wellington social enterprise which offers a bleedingly important solution to period poverty, period waste and the period taboo.

Every menstrual cup purchased helps to fund giving Wā cups to students experiencing period poverty, so your purchase helps you and others too. 

Wā Collective values sustainability, honesty, inclusion, and humour too. Period.