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Underfloor Insulation - DIY, pick up only




100% polyester underfloor insulation is a premium insulation blanket which makes homes warm, energy-efficient and safe. 

Polyester insulation is:

  • Warm and energy-efficient
  • Fire retardant and safe with insulation-coverable downlights 
  • Moisture and vermin resistant 
  • Chemical free and safe to touch 
  • Environmentally friendly - made locally from a minimum of 45% recycled PET plastic and recyclable after use
  • Backed by a 50 year manufacturer durability guarantee

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Up to 20% of the homes heat and energy can be lost through the underfloor. Poor quality or missing underfloor insulation can also cause uncomfortable draughts to come up through the floor boards. A home needs well fitted underfloor insulation in good condition, in all accessible areas and to be at least R1.4 thickness to trap in the heat and energy. 

DIY polyester underfloor insulation blankets are available to collect in-store.  

NB – Installation is by an experienced insulation installation professional is recommended by manufacturers. Sustainability Trust services include insulation assessment, fix-up, top-up and full install. Insulation installations come with a three year workmanship guarantee to NZS:4246 (2016) standards.

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Please note there is no delivery available for insulation, only Pick Up from our EcoCentre.