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Toshiba Shorai Heat Pump



Toshiba's Shorai Series Air Conditioner Heat Pump is a compact, energy-efficient high feature heat pump. New to Sustainability Trust's range, it offers powerful temperature control at the lowest prices instore. 

Features include:

  • Powerful cooling and heating for small-large rooms 
  • Inverter rotary compressor technology for targeted temperature control
  • Less environmental impact with R32 refrigerant (GWP 675) and no damaging effects to the ozone layer
  • Inbuilt self-cleaning fins and non-stick coil to prevent moisture and mould
  • Elegant LED unit display
  • Slim, sleek and lightweight
  • 6 airflow patterns 
  • 5 year parts and labour warranty from the manufacturer
  • Optional digital or wifi controllers 

From this range we supply and install:

Small room systems: 

PKVG07-SYSTEM –  2.5kW heating, 2kW cooling – $1,999

PKVG10-SYSTEM – 3.2kW heating, 2.5kW cooling – $2,099

PKVG13-SYSTEM – 3.7kW heating, 3.5kW cooling – $2,249

Medium room systems: 

PKVG16-SYSTEM – 5.4kW heating, 4.2 kW cooling – $2,449

PKVG18-SYSTEM – 5.8kW heating, 4.8kW cooling – $2,649

Large room systems:

PKVG22-SYSTEM – 6.9kW heating, 6kW cooling – $2,949

PKVG24-SYSTEM – 8kW heating, 7.1kW cooling – $3,299

NB. All prices include GST and standard back to back install.

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