Toilet Gizmo


A Gizmo is a toilet flush limitor giving you control of how much water you use for flushing. Easy to install and use; hung on upright plastic pipe or arm of the flush in cistern to control flush valve.

Cheap and simple to install, and can save an average family of four up to $200 a year. In older toilets (pre-2004) a full flush uses 11 litres and there generally isn't a half flush option. The post 2014 models use 3 - 4.5 litres per flush and will NOT require a Gizmo.

Once the Gizmo is hung on the upright plastic pipe or arm of the flush inside the cistern, their weight holds the cistern's flush valve closed and will only lift to allow water to flush through to the bowl when you place pressure on the flush button. Once you lift your finger off the flush button the gizmo's weight closes the flush valve again, ceasing the flush immediately.

Size - 8cm x 2.5 cm

Weight - 100gms


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