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The Hippie Straw Eco Starter Pack


Nothing makes for a more perfect gift for yourself or someone you love, than this kit of possibilities

So get started on your eco-friendly journey with these Eco Starter Kits.
Whether you are looking for something for you or a gift they are a perfect way to start the journey, From a plastic Free Box to plastic free shipping, these Eco Starter Kits are the most affordable and convenient way to get you on the right path for a more eco conscious living.

What's included in the pack:

  • 1 reusable stainless steel tall straw
  • 1 reusable stainless steel smoothie straw
  • 1 100% plastic free straw cleaning brush 
  • 1 straw carry case 100% cotton, to keep your straws in your bag or on the go
  • 1 adult bamboo toothbrush with round handle
  • 1 large reusable produce bag 100% cotton

Put together in Wellington by The Hippie Straw.