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The Green Collective Goodie Bags (set of 3)


Are you conscious that you are using too many plastic bags at the supermarket or fruit and vegetable store?  So are we.  

People are regularly taking large reusable tote bags to hold their shopping, but still using the small plastic bags for fruit, vegetables and bulk items.

Goodie Bags are an alternative to all the plastic that you use while gathering your produce.  

  • They weigh only 16gms
  • Stretch to fit 3kg
  • Durable, washable fabric - tested by Oeko-Tex Standard 100
  • Drawstring close
  • Industrial thread, accessory climbing cord
  • The bags are the same size 23cm x 28cm or (9” x 11”).

These are funky, colourful bags that stretch to fit lots of produce (we have been known to have 3kgs of blueberries in one bag and at least 8 oranges in another).

These bags are also incredibly versatile. Our customers use Goodie Bags to wash, scrub and store their produce - as well as make cheeses and nut milks, wash delicates, organise clothing when travelling or hiking, store toys or craft goods - the possibilities are endless.

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