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Snaxpax Food Savers/Protectors


These food savers are designed to tightly cover your bowl. Perfect replacement for plastic wrap, cover your bread dough while it rises, cover your pot luck supper, or simply protect your leftovers!

Protectors are breathable, mesh food protectors which are perfect for stopping insects and flies from getting in your salad and pasta bowls, great for picnics and BBQs! One size - as this isn't air tight, you can use it to cover any bowl up to approximately 30cm diameter.

Made from a cotton outer, and a food safe PUL lining with elastic round the edges for a secure fit.

Large size fits bowls approximately 25cm - 35cm diameter.


Medium size fits bowls approximately 20cm - 30cm diameter.


Small size fits bowls approximately 15cm - 25cm diameter.


Made in Wellington.