SmartVent Positive Pressure Home Ventilation System



SmartVent’s Positive Pressure Home Ventilation System circulates fresh, clean and dry air around the entire home. It is quiet, discretely stylish and very energy efficient.

Using positive pressure, this innovative system forces out moist stale air through gaps around windows, door gaps or through special exhaust vents. The regular air movement with new fresh and dry air helps to remove air borne toxins, harmful pollutants, dust and dust mites. It also dries the air, effectively tackling any damp, mould or condensation issues.

Discrete vents and fast yet quiet centrifugal fans bring balanced air flow into each room. Using the latest technology, SmartVent can automatically react to temperature levels to create and maintain a comfortable environment. Automatic functions include pre-set temperature control or timers, for the ultimate personalisation.

SmartVent also offers Evolve; a unique control system that uses both temperature & humidity sensors to control condensation. This can also include a clever 7″ tablet interface to sensor readings & system function. Find out more.

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