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Novafloor Underfloor Insulation


SUPPLY AND INSTALL. Mammoth Multi underfloor insulation is a premium polyester insulation blanket for underfloor spaces.  Mammoth is famous for it's close, friction fitting which provides the highest thermal and draught protection. It is backed by a 50 year product durability warranty. All Sustainability Trust insulation supply and install services also come with a free three year installation warranty.

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About 15% of heat in an uninsulated home is lost due to exposed or inadequate underfloor protection from the elements.

Novafloor is a premium 100% polyester insulation with very high insulation performance and thermal ratings. Polystyrene is a very safe product – fire retardant, allergy-free and safe around children. Mammoth Multi insulation is infamous for it's lengthwise and width-wise spring - perfect for friction-fitting into spaces, creating a snug fit without gaps, tucks or creases. This eliminates cold draughts and maximises thermal protection. It is exceptionally good for wooden floors.

Novafloor underfloor insulation is a premium product is excellent for polished floors; made from high density polyester it significantly reduces draughts through flooring gaps and reduces noise transmission.

Novafloor is made in New Zealand from recycled plastic bottles and is also recyclable at the end of it’s life. It comes with a 50 year durability guarantee from the manufacturers. We typically supply and install Mammoth R1.9 underfloor blankets, suitable for any home within Greater Wellington.

Sustainability Trust supplies a range of carefully selected energy efficient insulation from leading brands such as GreenStuf, Mammoth, Novafloor and Pink Batts. All our products and install services compliment or exceed the NZ building codes and related regulations, and are guaranteed to help our customers reduce their impact on the environment and have warm, dry and healthy homes. Sustainability Trust’s experienced and accredited installers install to NZS 4246 standard with a three year installation guarantee. They are registered site safe, are IOANZ accredited, and take good care of all properties and customers.

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