No. 8 Essentials deodorant 28g


What? No messy fingers? No plastic?

Zero plastic. No mess application.That’s right - we’ve formulated this to be in game-changing cardboard tubes. They’re compostable and when empty can simply be put into your home compost or buried in the garden; even wiped and and put with your cardboard recycling. Or if they do get thrown into the rubbish, at least they’re not plastic.To apply you simply push it up a bit, then apply light swipes in your armpits. It doesn’t take much to be effective.


A range of scents and sizes to suit you

Our deodorants are available in two sizes:- 28g Travel Size (also good for trying it out)- 85g Standard Size (better value, easier to apply)The range includes three gentle fragrances to keep you smelling nice:- Grapefruit & Lavender- Cedarwood & Vanilla- Lemon & MintWe also have an unscented version that won’t interfere with any perfume or cologne you’re wearing.
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