Methven Kiri Satinjet Water Saving Shower Head


The Kiri Satinjet Water Saving Shower Head saves water & energy without compromising on pressure. Solid architectural style enhances any bathroom, and reduces your impact on the environment.
It is suitable for all pressures (35-1,000kPa). Optimized to 9 litres/minute operating pressure.

Methven's Kiri Satinjet Water Saving Shower Head has an in-built flow restrictor to reduce water use. It's unique colliding jet design shoots over 300,000 water droplets each second for an intense, yet energy efficient shower experience.

  • Suitable for all pressures (min. 35kPa, max. 1,000kPa - a pressure limiting valve must be installed if supply exceeds 500kPa)
  • WELS Three Star rated on mains pressure (9 litres per minute flow rate) and low pressure (11 litres per minute flow rate)
  • Operating temperature: 60ºC max.
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy-clean coating on faceplate
  • This fixed arm model can be DIY installed - filter and plumbing tape required (not included)
  • Designed in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions
  • 20 year manufacturer's warranty

Available as either a fixed arm or corded. (Cord not shown in photo, but it does come with.)

NB: New Zealand Building Code Clause G12 – Water Supplies specifies all outlets used primarily for personal hygiene shall deliver water at a safe temperature

Download the installation guide.

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