Kent Micathermic Panel Heater 1500W


Lightweight, stylish portable heater, efficiently radiates heat and convects warm air using the latest mica-thermic technology. An ideal small bedroom unit.

Whilst the Tatou heaters are more highly recommended and have greater energy efficiency properties, Sustainability Trust supports the use of mica-thermic technology as the most efficient at this price point.

Mica-thermic heaters rise to heat really quickly and the radiant component of the heater throws the heat onto surfaces in front of the unit.  This is considered preferable to oil column heaters (common alternatives at this price point), which take along time to heat up and rely predominantly on convection - so this means that the heat rises straight to the ceiling, warming the upper layer of the room first and only getting to objects lower down as it cools and falls.

This designer series model shows the latest in high performance mica-thermic technology and contemporary style. These heaters can be used on wheels to move around the house or attached to the wall.

  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Top vent for quick heat release
  • Silent operation
  • Over-heat protection and tip-over cut-out switch
  • Handle and wheels for easy portability
  • Wall mountable or freestanding
  • Cord storage
  • Three year NZ warranty


  • 2 heat settings (750W/1500W)
  • Large mica-thermic heating element
  • Wattage: 1500W
  • Rating: 220-240V~, 50Hz

MODEL: KPE216-34