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Kakariki Games Flight of Pollen


2-6 players
Ages 10 – adult
Length of play (all levels): 1-2 hours
Game Designer. JiL Hemming
Illustrator/Researcher. Cushla McGaughey
Graphic Designer. Don Little
Canvas ground-cloth
Instruction Booklet
57 flower/berry/seed tiles
13 playing discs
20 element cards
4 Lids. One for each level
Box of: pollen counters, ripening squares, markers (all from recycled materials)

When a plant is old enough, it starts making flowers. Each flower is an open invite to you, as pollinators, to come visit.

If the flower’s right for you, and if it’s a good day to be out (weather helps / weather hinders), then by DAY and by NIGHT, you’ll come.

As you come to drink nectar, you move pollen. The male pollen grains travel out on body, and then, next stop, the female receptacles collect them back in.

If you all work together, and carry enough pollen from flower to flower, then the winning team is the one that collects the most (ensuing) berries and seeds.

THE GAME There are four Chapters in the game, and each chapter must be successfully finished, before the lid of the next chapter is lifted.

Each chapter is eight rounds / element cards. When a card is turned, this determines the weather conditions for that round. This affects your movement, but also these elements have their own parts to play.

If you, as a pollinator, can move in a round (back of disc), then you visit all the plant tiles of one species on the ground-cloth. You each have different rules of movement, and carry different loads (front of disc).

The two teams (DAY/NIGHT) need to co-operate to make sure that flowers receive enough pollen, while they’re still open ie before chapter end. That done, ripening of seeds and berries then begins.

When the lid on a new chapter is lifted, new flowers, pollinators / berry eaters, and weather elements come onto the ground-cloth. As further pollinators are added and once an element card is turned each round, your team chooses who to use – based on strategy.

With your help, and with that of the elements, somewhere, someday, a new plant will grow. Grow up and replace the old. The same: but different.

CHAPTER A: Pick up and drop off
CHAPTER B: Wind is a pollinator too
CHAPTER C: Passage of seed
CHAPTER D: A path to the future

Locally made, with recycled materials and FSC card

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