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Kakariki Games Cloak of Protection


Boxed set contains:
81 cards
fold-out rules of play
96 page booklet with interesting facts & trivia on each card

2-4 players (or groups)
For adults and for children (6+)
Illustrator: Morgan Rothwell
Environmental Scientist: John Innes



To save our birds, you need to trade, draw & play to create a feather cloak of 15 cards in one bird realm: forest, settlement, sea, or extinct.

But BEWARE! Each card sports some predators – will they threaten your realm?

Fun & educational, Cloak of Protection, holds a mirror to human behaviour and the consequences of that behaviour for conservation of our native bird species.

Players develop understandings that help them make choices leading to positive action for the environment. The game contains competitive and collaborative elements, developing stategic thinking.

AWARD: Children’s Choice Award 2013. NZ Games Association

Mahara Gallery, Kapiti Coast.  Jan/Feb 2012
Expressions Arts & Entertainment Centre, Upper Hutt. Sept-Nov 2012

During Conservation Week, Sept 2013: students at 23 Wellington Enviroschools playing an astounding 2,584 games. See totals.

The Enviroschools networks in Wellington and Taranaki have formed a partnership with Kakariki Games to develop a teaching, learning and sales network for Cloak of Protection.