LED downlight quote


Get a free LED downlight assessment and quote for your home from Sustainability Trust.  

Our in-house Home Energy Assessors are experienced and trained, ready to help improve your home lighting and energy efficiency. 

If you choose to get LED downlights with us, our in-house electrician provides a full, fast and accurate electrical install service.

If you choose to get an insulation fix-up, top-up or install with us, our in-house team of insulation installers are trained and experienced professionals. They are registered site safe, accredited by the Insulation Association of New Zealand and treat all properties with care. All insulation installs come with Sustainability Trust's three year installation workmanship guarantee to New Zealand Standard NZS 4246:2016. 

Top tip - Book a Warm, Dry Home assessment instead of a LED downlight quote. This holistic assessment covers the most important ingredients to creating a healthy home - heating, insulation and ventilation.

Get in touch if you would like to know more about LED downlights, home energy efficiency, home assessment services or installs. 

Contact us to discuss a supply and install package for your property: Call 0508 78 78 24, option 1 or email customerservice@sustaintrust.org.nz

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