Fujitsu Bulkhead Ducted Air Conditioner Heat Pump



Fujitsu's Bulkhead Ducted Heat Pump Air Conditioner system has a compact design to suit almost any ceiling, underfloor or even wall space. An ideal solution energy efficient home-wide temperature control. All you see are stylish vents in the ceiling or floor. 

Features include:

  • Powerful cooling and heating
  • Dehumidifier function 
  • Award-winning energy efficiency and performance ratings
  • Programmable settings
  • Compatible with zone control system
  • 6 year parts and labour warranty from the manufacturer
  • Optional digital or wifi controllers 

From this range we supply and install:

ARTG09LLLB - 3.5kW heating, 2.6kW, cooling

ARTG12LLLB - 4.5kW heating, 3.5kW cooling

ARTG18LLTA - 6.0kW heating, 5.2kW cooling

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Homes should be around 20 degrees to be warm, dry, healthy and comfortable. Without effective heating a home is unlikely to be warm enough, which can cause serious health issues and discomfort. Full home systems with digital thermostatic controls and timers prevent underheating, overheating and unnecessarily high energy bills.

Our in-house home energy assessors and electricians are trained, accredited and experienced professionals. 

Get in touch if you would like to know more about home energy efficiency and heating products, or to book a free heating assessment. 

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