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Newfield EcoWool Mulch Mats


These 100% natural and biodegradable mulch mats are manufactured from waste wool. They allow water penetration and retain moisture in the soil. They also boost root growth and maintain higher soil temperature in winter.

This smaller size of the mulch mats is 36 by 36cm. The Larger 45 by 45cm.

Eco Wool:

  • is environmentally friendly - manufactured in New Zealand from waste wool and is 100% natural and biodegradable
  • reduces planting stress - it stays damp for hours and allows effective penetration of water and fertiliser and air circulation. Also reduces evaporation and keeps soil temperature up in cold conditions
  • feeds your plants - it contains a number of nutrients which are released into the soil over time
  • eliminates herbicide requirements - it is designed to block out sunlight thereby effectively suppressing unwanted competing vegetation regrowth around the plant
  • is easy on the eye - it merges unobtrusively with the natural landscape as opposed to some synthetic products
  • lasts the distance - it is designed to gradually biodegrade approximately 2-3 years after installation, giving plants ample time to get established free from competing weeds

Grow Resilience - be prepared for the unexpected, improve your self-reliance through gardening, made from sustainable sources.