EasyMax Bin 45L


Easymax bins can be stacked to save space in the home or office. Their sleek, modern design makes them an attractive addition to any setting. The lid is specially designed so that objects may be placed on it. The front opening enables easy waste posting even when bins are stacked or have objects placed on top of them.

Waste Minimisation starts with reduction, but when waste is produced, it is pivotal that good separation occurs such that recycling can be directed accordingly. These bins are an ideal option for small office spaces or at home.

Chose as follows:

Red Landfill
Yellow Plastic or Co-mingle Recycling
Grey Paper / Card Recycling
Green Organic waste / Compost
Blue Glass Recycling

Bins are 45L. The body is grey. Please chose lid colour required.

Please contact us for bulk order enquiries. Shipping costs may scale down.

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