Desk Caddie


Under desk waste bins are the bane of a good recycling system in the office. By removing the under desk bin and replacing with a compostable desk caddie, you will empower your team to use the appropriate waste stations for paper and recycling. As an interim measure, desk caddies provide a spot to contain the odd apple core and piece of landfill waste until this is transferred to the centralized point.

Sustainability Trust supports the use of recycled cardboard desk caddies as a preference over the corflute variety. Whilst corflute in this situation does have a use period, it still ultimately becomes a discarded product and ends up in landfill, or worse, in our waters. The recycled cardboard is fully compostable. It may not have the use-span of the corflute variety, but it has a place in a circular life cycle that makes it a more sustainable option in the long run. An unbleached hand towel may be used to line the caddie if preferred. 

Desk Caddie is 110mm * 110mm and is delivered flat-pack.

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