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Better by Bar Soap Block Dock


With the Block Dock it’s easy to eliminate plastic bottles from your bathroom by switching to bars of soap, shampoo & conditioner!

Designed for quick draining and all side air flow, your bar will dry faster, keep their shape and last longer meaning you get better value out of your bars

The Block Dock is made in 304 Stainless Steel in a highly polished mirror finish. 

The Wide-fit Block Dock vertical soap dish suits bars up to 4cm in depth (the shortest side of any bar) and fits most shapes, sizes and brands of bars. 

A suction cup comes with the Block Dock. When wet, it will adhere to almost all bathroom surfaces. There’s a tag to lift when you want to remove it, otherwise it will stay put.


  • If your surface won't suction, try a 3M wet/dry strip or a flat head screw if it suits.
  • It also stands upright on flat surfaces.
  • dishwasher safe, sans suction cup.