Attic Stilts - Box of 12 Stilts


Create more storage in your home whilst protecting your precious insulation.

The Attic Island kit is a modular storage system with options suitable for most attic spaces. The platform is a stable storage space, raised on sturdy stilts that are strong enough to support the weight of luggage and other items. The stilts also create a safe space for insulation to go untouched, able to preserve heat and energy without risk of damage e.g. from compression or tradesmen.  

This box of 12 stilts should be bought with a 3 board kit.

Check out the complete Attic Island DIY kit as a pre-packaged alternative or to start your modular system. 

Ceiling insulation should be over 120mm thick to preserve heat and energy. Attic Islands allow you to have up to 300mm of heat saving insulation whilst creating more space in the home.

Each stilts can support up to 350kg, however we recommend around 50kg of storage per m2 for safety. 

This price includes free delivery to NZ addresses via courier. Please select “free delivery” at checkout.


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