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15l Bokashi bucket set + 1 bag Compost-Zing


This is a 2 stage process of composting which is done anaerobically, essentially pickling your food scraps before burying into the earth to finish breaking down

Stage 1:

  • Adding your food scraps that can include things that can't go in a worm farm such as; Meat, Dairy, Fish and bones (if possible try to break any bones down to help speed up the process) and a little sprinkle of the Zing 
  • Emptying the liquid that builds up in the bucket below frequently:  

Dilute 100 to 1 and use as a liquid drench in your gardens.
Dilute 200 to 1 use as a foliar spray direct onto plants.
Dilute 2:1 and put down your drains-shower sink toilet any of them. This will give your pipes a clean and septic tank friendly

  • Once the bucket is full, leave it for 10-12 days to finish pickling.  A white layer of mould on top is a good indication that the stage is complete.  Bones may need another round in the Bokashi bucket

Stage 2 is burying the contents 25-30cm deep in the garden.  

  • Leave for 3-4 weeks for food to finish decomposing


  • Making sure the lid is back on tightly after adding scraps will ensure the anaerobic process is working optimally.
  • Having 2 sets in rotation will be sufficient for households of up to 4 people. 
  • If bones have not been broken down enough you can simply put them back in the bucket for another round!
  • Depending on weather and seasons, the time it takes to fully breakdown in the earth will vary.  
  • Boksashi Zing; it's not sawdust! It contains microorganisms and plant based by products to help speed up the pickling process.  Need just 1 tbsp per 2 litres of food scraps.