LED Dimmable Downlight - Ambius



Ambius LED downlights are a stylish, long lasting and energy-efficient lighting solution for any home. 

LED downlights are up to 95% more energy efficient than traditional downlights or halogen bulbs. Most importantly these downlights are safe to cover over with insulation, so you can create a complete thermal envelope for your home preventing heat and energy loss. 

Ambius LED downlights provide at least 25,000 hours of light. They are compatible with most NZ dimmers and have a 120 degree beam to spread light far and wide. 3 years manufacturers warranty.

These downlights are available in:

  • Warm white (3000k)
  • White fascia
  • 144mm outer rim with 950 lumens (ADLED12W144D) - find out more 
  • 110mm outer rim with 750 lumens (ADLEDP9W110D) - find out more 

Our full service includes removal of current downlights, replacing with new energy efficient LEDs and filling insulation gaps / total ceiling insulation installation.

Our in-house home energy assessors, electricians and insulation installers are trained, accredited and experienced professionals. 

Get in touch if you would like to know more about home energy efficiency, LED downlights, cut out sizes, outputs, models and brands.

Contact us to discuss a supply and install package for your property:  Call 0508 78 78 24, option 1 or email customerservice@sustaintrust.org.nz  

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