Waste audits

Waste audit Wellington

Book a waste audit for your business to get started on saving on waste bills, reducing your carbon footprint and showing your customers you care. 

A waste audit is what it sounds like - an audit of what's going in your bins. A team of our staff and volunteers will come to your workplace to analyse your organisation's waste. 

We look at what's in each waste stream - for example, landfill and recycling - and report back on what could have been diverted from landfill.

In most workplaces, more than 60 per cent of waste could have have been reused, recycled, or composted rather than being sent to landfill. 

Who can get a waste audit? 

Any business, organisation, or school.  We can sometimes also do events. There are subsidies available in some areas, so please contact us for more information. 

What's in it for you? 

A waste audit can be a good way of setting a baseline and goals for waste reduction.

We'll give you a report which makes recommendations for change and can also support you with education and systems that get you to your goals. 

Reducing waste can save money on waste bills - recycling and composting are usually cheaper than landfill - and shows your customers that you care for the environment and community. 

Want to know more? Here's a video about a waste audit we did with Wellington Chocolate Factory, and an infosheet with more detail. 

Contact us for a quote or to book a waste audit for your business, or if you want to take it a step further, check out the Your Sustainable Workplace programme. 

Our waste audits are affordable, and sometimes free, because of the generous support of Wellington City Council, Upper Hutt City Council and Hutt City Council. Please see How we're funded for more information. 


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