Relax this winter

Relax this winter mum and sun

A warm, healthy home is cheaper than you think, with help from Sustainability Trust. 

Don't miss two thirds off home insulation for people on low-middle incomes:

  • Get funding to pay for two thirds of home insulation
  • Grants for rentals and owner-occupied homes
  • Easy access finance
  • Long-life insulation
  • Fast supply and install - before winter hits

Be warmer and better off this winter - call 0508 78 78 24 option 1, or fill out the contact form below. 

Why get funded insulation?

  • Insulation makes homes warmer, cheaper and easier to heat
  • Warm homes are less likely to be mouldy
  • Insulated homes are healthier and more comfortable to live in
  • Funding is for homeowners on low-middle incomes
  • Over 306,000 homes insulated already

“Go for it! It’s such a straightforward process. The paperwork was really easy. The funding meant I could get insulation - I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.” - Natalie, Upper Hutt

What can I expect? 

  1. Our friendly advisors come to your home to assess if your home needs new insulation to be warmer and healthier. 
  2. If you're eligible for funding, we'll help you with some easy paperwork and an affordable plan to pay for the other 33%. 
  3. In a few weeks we'll install insulation - either GreenStuf or Pink Batts.
  4. You can relax in a warm, healthy home for less this winter. 

"We are so grateful for the insulation we got put in in our rental through the Sustainability Trust with the government funding. It has made a massive difference to how warm and dry our home has been, and reduced so much stress, especially with a child with asthma." - Sarah, Mornington 

Relax this winter - call 0508 78 78 24, option 1, email us, or fill out this contact form.