Get a Grandy, Grow a Garden

Wild flowers

Get a Grandy, Grow a Garden is a community gardening programme that we've developed - that you can pick up and run with.

It’s an intergenerational programme that aims to address loneliness, build resilience and encourages skill sharing in our community.

It brings together a mix of younger and older people in green spaces around Wellington (including community gardens, senior villages, urban gardens, schools etc) for a spot of gardening and time to socialise.

A community group, school, rest home hosts regular (twice monthly or monthly) garden and grow workshops.

Each workshop provides the opportunity for younger and older members of the community to get together and upskill on nurturing seeds, growing crops and harvesting food.

At the end of the ‘field to fork’ workshop series they host an event to socialise and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

The programme resources are currently being developed, but if you are interested in running the project with your group, please email

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