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Use our electric vehicle charger

Free EV electric vehicle charger Wellington

Electric cars could make a big difference to Wellington's carbon footprint, and we're support the transition.

The movement is real! We're supporting the change to sustainable transport with free charging facilities for electric vehicles. We have also started transitioning our own vehicle fleet to electric - that includes an electric bike! 

Our charger is free for two hours, though we ask that electric vehicle owners pop in to see us before they charge. We're open Monday to Saturday, 9am to 4.30pm. 

Outside of those hours we ask that electric vehicle owners are respectful of our two-hour rule and don't use it as free parking. 

We have some leads available if needed, and collect your name and registration number. We use that information for emergencies, and so we can collect info on the number of people using the charger - proof of further need for good charging infrastructure! 

For technical details of the charge point and directions, please see Plugshare.
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