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Advice for landlords

Sustainability Trust can help make sure the home you're renting out is warm, dry meets new insulation laws.

Across the Wellington region we offer:

Property assessments

Property assessments - either a quick insulation check or an in-depth assessment that will help you protect and maximise your investment. See below for more detail on what we can do for you.


Statements of Insulation and evidence for tenancy agreements

Expert advice

Expert advice and education for you or your tenants

Full supply and install service

Insulation, heating, LED downlights and ventilation

Repayment Plan

Low-cost repayment plans

Packages and discounts

Special packages and discounts for property portfolios

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Why does it matter?
Housing standards are being raised across New Zealand to improve the quality of life and public health. Recent law changes set new standards for ceiling and underfloor insulation in rentals, and houses need to be upgraded by July 2019. Statements of Insulation for tenancy agreements have been a legal requirement since July 2016.


Why does it need to be checked? 
Most rentals are uninsulated or not insulated to the new standards on the install, thermal rating, condition, fit and more. A professional assessment will give accurate information on the house's current status and what is required to get up to code.  


What's the law?

Visit the Tenancy Services website for more detail or download our simple summary PDF.

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