Statement of Insulation Assessment


Get your Wellington region rental property assessed by Sustainability Trust to make sure it is warm, dry and compliant. 

What's included in the assessment? 

  • A check of your ceiling and underfloor insulation against current regulations
  • A Statement of Insulation  for use in tenancy agreements 
  • Factsheets on keeping rental homes healthy

Who can get it? 

Anyone who is renting out a residential property to someone else - landlords. The information is shared with you, the landlord, but not the tenant unless requested. However, it is now the law that you must provide a Statement of Insulation in new or renewed tenancy agreements. 

How much does it cost? 

$50 + GST per property, or free if you install insulation with us. We  offer discounts to property managers or landlords with multiple properties. 

What if my property doesn't meet regulation? 

We can help you upgrade it with our insulation services and will refund your assessment fee. See the Insulation page for more. 

Download the Statement of Insulation Assessment summary PDF.

Our in-house Home Energy Assessors are experienced and trained in the Residential Tenancies Act and requirements for landlords..  

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