Hungry Bin Worm Farm - Wellington Pick Up only


The Hungry Bin is a clean, simple and easy way to dispose of organic waste using compost worms. The hungry bin can process up to 2kg of food and other organic waste every day.

At Sustainability Trust, we use our Hungry Bin in the staff kitchen. It's clean, odour-free and efficient. Just put your scraps in the top of the bin, where the worms convert them into worm 'castings' (worm poo). 

The castings fall to the lower part of the bin, where you can easily remove them for use as a plant super-food or soil conditioner. Generally castings will need to be removed from the bin once every two to six months. Liquid drains down through the bin and passes through a filter housed in the floor, into the drip tray. This liquid is an ideal fertiliser.

More info about its design on the Hungry Bin website.

Pick up from our Eco-Centre at 2 Forresters lane, Te Aro, Wellington

Due to its size we are unable to send the Hungry Bin via courier.

(Worms available from the Hungry Bin supplier with a discount voucher in the box)

Reduce Your Waste - divert waste from landfill and enhance your growing projects, naturally