PET Bokashi EnsoPet Composter


EnsoPet is an innovative in-ground composting system, designed for composting pet waste easily and hygienically. 


  • Creates a carbon-rich compost to nourish your soil's microbial levels
  • Keeps your yard free from pet waste
  • Diverts organic waste from landfill
  • Can be used for dog, rabbit and guinea pig poo

The Composting Kit includes the EnsoPet Composter, tongs and EnsoPet starter.

How EnsoPet works

1. Choose where you want to keep the composter
2. Using the tongs provided, collect pet waste and drop into the composter
3. Sprinkle the EnsoPet starter on top of the waste
4. The starter micro-organisms quickly and continuously break down the waste. The composter will take months, or may never completely fill! 
5. Pick up another 1.2kg bag of EnsoPet Starter for just $13.50

As easy as that!

Psst - Add both the composter ($65) and the starter pack ($13.50) to your shopping cart

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