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Sourcing Sustainability: It's a Frame of Mine

September 02, 2019

Sourcing Sustainability: It's a Frame of Mine

Like all things we do, we're always looking for the most sustainable alternative that doesn't compromise on quality and won't break the bank. 

So when it came to framing some of the pictures from our photo competition, we thought that we'd just hit up some second-hand stores for photo frames. 

And we did. But luck was not on our side.

A few weeks later, Jo from JW Framing wandered into our Ecoshop. She wanted to see we could help spread the word about her recycled timber framing business*.

How? What? Why? Who cares. We'd found a professional framer who was based in Wellington and shared our love for repurposed goods.  Luck was on our side. 

Jo works with timber from old doors, floorboards, window frames, fences and even timber salvaged from the controversial demolition of the Category 1 Historic Site - Erskine College. 

From the get-go, she went above and beyond the call of duty.  Consult after consult, she wanted to make sure that we were 110 per cent happy with how each photo looked in the frame, how it looked on the wall and how the photos looked as a set. 

The end result was, five photos framed in recycled Jarrah; a beautiful hardwood native to Western Australia.  Jarrah is known for being resistant to fire, termites and rot. It is commonly used things like power poles, bridges and boats. 

However, our Jarrah came from a fence somewhere in Island Bay. 

We love the history/mystery, the connection, and the story behind each frame. And of course, we love the way they look.  

*Currently, 30 per cent of the wood she uses is recycled timber. Her goal is to reach 100 per cent, so if you have a quantity of timber lying around in your shed that you think could have another life as a picture frame for precious art or memorabilia feel free to get in touch with Jo to discuss.

Jo - JW Framing 
021 163 0026 


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