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Natural ventilation - 7 tips to make a healthier home, for free

March 30, 2018

Natural ventilation

We spend most of our lives indoors, especially if we are very young, ill,  elderly. But did you know that evidence proves that our indoor environments impact our health - not just cold temperatures, but crucially the air we breathe? We are 100 times more likely to breathe pollutants indoors... and it's easy to do something about it, with these free tips. 

Achieving a healthy indoor environment is a balance of temperature, moisture and ventilation. When we address some simple principles we can easily bring healthier living conditions inside your home.

Get started with these top seven tips to make your home healthier, using natural (free!) ventilation:

  1. Open windows and doors for 15 minutes, twice a day. Best practice is to open windows or external doors on opposite sides of the home / room to create a path for air to draw through.
  2. Windows on the south and east side: will bring a cool breeze into your home, which is great in the morning.
  3. Heat rises: so vents and other openings in the roof or on upper floors will allow air to escape. This is a good tip to remember for cooling down in summer!
  4. Built-in vents, louvres, slots and gaps in door or window framing: can provide low-level ventilation over long periods without creating draughts or security risks.
  5. Different types of window can be used to guide air into your home: for example, side opening windows are better at catching breezes and pulling them into the house, than awning opening windows.
  6. If your home is on more than one level: make sure there are windows and doors on each level that can open.
  7. Fly screens and security stays for windows: mean they can be left open at night, or when you’re out during the day, to help the house keep cool in summer.

Don't forget - All homes need to be ventilated for 15 minutes, twice a day, every day. This is a golden rule for healthy homes!

For more warm, healthy homes advice check out our other resources, or book in a home assessment

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